We met this past weekend at the Topeka Spirit Fair and I wanted to tell you about the great results I’m getting from water treated with the Horus Generator. My girlfriend (Cathy) and I both spent some time in the Genesis Star Chamber and she bought one of your Horus Generators. I’ve been having a problem for quite some time now with a burning ache in my lower back in the kidney area. Many things will relieve this pain but nothing keeps it away for very long. After twenty minutes in your Genesis Star Chamber the pain was gone for several hours; similar to having a Reiki treatment or other energy work. So, I knew that the energy in the chamber was something that could help me. Plus, the experience was marvelous.
Yesterday I started drinking some ordinary bottled water that Cathy had placed beside her Horus Generator for a few minutes to charge it up. Not really knowing what to expect, I just took a swig from the bottle in the morning and began getting ready for work. Well, within a few minutes I started getting a strange sensation in my lower back and within an hour about 90% of the pain had melted away! Needless to say, I was very impressed. I took another drink of the water and went on to work. By the end of the day I was feeling all sorts of strange energy shifts in my body and the back pain continued to stay away. In fact, I would say I’m about 99% pain-free just after two days.
So, now I’m using that one bottle of Horus-charged water to “seed” some other bottled water I have around the house until Cathy can get me another one. Tonight I ordered the Fab Four Plus One set from your liquidlightproducts.com website. Since I’m so impressed with the results so far, I thought I would try that set of vials to charge up some “Angel Water”. You can be sure Cathy and I will be experimenting with all this in the next few weeks.
Thanks so much for your work and for helping me to feel good again.



…we were broadcasting the Arkangels …-a few of us started to hear music from not around here. Angelic realms, maybe. I did … a before and after kirlian photo of finger tips for participants. Every single person had come back into balance after being around the angels within a short period of time.

… one of the gang, had been handling and sitting next to the angels for about 15 minutes before I took his “before” kirlian photo. When I got his picture- a bright light had exploded across the whole page and where I could see his finger prints-they appeared strong which indicates balance and harmony. …after being around the angels and holding them-his first picture showed he was in complete balance-which surprised me-he has high blood pressure issues, but the kirlian indicated circulation and heart meridians were good to go. I didn’t experience anything new and different. On my kirlian before picture, because I have had these angels around me and had slept with them above my head Sat. night-it showed complete balance.

Susie and Elaine came late-they walked into the house that was filled with the Arkangel energy…  I took their kirlian pictures before we headed down to play …. Both of these ladies photos indicated they were in balance… This is very important-the energy of the angels seem to balance someone in just a few minutes.



  • thinking is more clear and focused.. For example, I have always had trouble with clutter–throwing away things that I “might need someday”. Two days ago, I attacked my bedroom with unrelenting force. The “You better keep this object” voice had vanished. I was shocked to feel the POWER that was now at my disposal about throwing things out.
  • WHENEVER a negative thought arises, I can catch it, identify it , and then dissipate it .
  • My diet is changing with  great will-power and determination, the likes of which  I have never  experienced before.

So, it’s about gaining internal power and clarity…And I’ll just have to see what other changes occur!


I’ve taken the ArkAngel vials to work the past couple of days.  I used them on my water bottle, sodas, etc and had the expected results.  I let my supervisor hold the Metatron vial and she instantly felt an increase in her awareness.  She started picking up on my own vibes of uncertainty (what with the roommate moving out and all), although at first she identified it as anxiety.Later one of our admins came by – a very energetically aware guy.  He didn’t want to put Metatron down.  He put all four of the ArkAngels in one hand, and his carpal tunnel pain went away, as did the shaking he had in his wrist. He put them in his waistband and his backache went away. I told him that some people’s vibration increased so much they got hard to see, and he said that was fine, if he turned invisible he’d just walk out with the vials…I will use them on my sister for her chronic fatigue when she comes up at Thanksgiving.  I’ll let you know how it goes.     -D


Emmanuel is a BIG WOW!!! I just want you to know that last night I was tired from the day body wise, but after playing with Immanuel, my mind was clear and very alert once I went to bed.  That made getting to sleep interesting.