The ISIS GENERATOR is a companion piece to our Arkangel Osiris. It is approximately 8”x8” and stands approximately 6” tall with the djed placed in the center. To balance out the energies, 4 Neter 360’s are permanently installed(one per side) in the base of the ISIS GENERATOR. You can also place the djed(tower) of our Arkangel Osiris in the central chamber for added effects. ?The Isis Generator acts as a portal/gatekeeper. Such leg ratio corresponds to the well-known right triangle with the side ratio: 3:4:5; this one is called “perfect”, “sacred” or “Egyptian” triangle. According to historians testimony the “Egyptian” triangle had a magic sense. Plutarch wrote, that the Egyptians compared the nature of the Universe to the “sacred” triangle; they symbolically assimilated the vertical leg to the husband, the basis to the wife, and the hypotenuse to the child who is born from both.?So, what does this mean?Arkangel ISIS represents the highest qualities of Motherhood, Royalty and Family Commitment.The ISIS GENERATOR brings all these energies full cirlcle bringing harmony to the family and renewing the strength of Motherhood/feminine in all relationships. Isis is the eternal guardian of Metatronian Science, watching over its progress and wisely revealing its secrets when the time is appropriate to mankind.HOW TO USE:• Place beside beside bed for a good nights sleep.• Place beside water container to both clear and charge water for use• Use in different layouts with your crystals, herbs, energy products• Place beneath table during healing session• Place multilangel vials(not included) in slots to boost energy• If you have the pieces, form the Solar Cross of the Black Sun:


Solar Cross of the Black Sun Grid Layout

Composed of: Ark of Metatron, Ark of Uriel/Osiris, 2 Horus Generators, 1 Isis Generator