The Horus Generator is a device approximately 5”x5”x2” and stands approximately 7” tall with the djed(towera) installed. It was originally created as a smaller version of our Osiris for use by therapists who wanted to place a smaller version of Osiris at each corner of their therapy table. As it developed it became a true stand alone item which works in perfect harmony with Osiris and the Isis Generator.

Unlike his daddy, Osiris, Horus has no vials permanently installed into the base. Instead there are 4 large ports cut into each side,into which you can place any combination of Arkangel vials you wish. You can even place your personal crystal if it fits!

The Horus generator does come with its own set of vials. (not shown in picture) These are specially made for the Horus Generator and are the Arkangel Psion. (also available separately) Place one in each port and let ‘er rip.

What does it do?

The Horus Generator takes you from this paradigm to the next, perhaps beyond. It provides you with a stable energy platform within which to do self transformation and personal healing. It makes things run smooooth… and effortlessly. In pre-dynasitc Egypt, when the region was known as Khemet, all who lived there utiitzed their full brain. This permitted everyone to have full access to everything. As time went by this connection was lost sending mankind into an age of darkness.The Horus Generator is one of many energy tools which is relighting that long extinguished torch from our ancient past.