Follow with me here folks. If you’ve been following this Arkangel Project of ours you’re noticing were making a lot of THINGS. Fact is this things work. That’s cool. But we’re not here to keep cranking our THINGS. Anybody can do that. These things have to work together for some higher purpose. What’s needed is a focus, or a focal point if you will. In this case a Sacred Focal Point.

I got the idea from our Isis Generator. I thought “hmmmm, how about something like this that you can sit inside of?”. After a little bit of trial and error I came up with above construct. It acts as a collector of energy, focusing it in the center of the board where allthe lines intersect. The “fins” as I call them, have Celtic knotwork designs about the open holes, and you can seen the Egyptian ankhs and eyes of horus on the base boards. The fins are held upright on some triangular boards and an be moved away from central baseboard to accomdate sitting in a chair or laying on a table in the center. The fins(shown in picture) are cut using the golden mean ratio. There is a second set of 4 fins which are cut to the famous ratio of the 3-4-5 right triangle. Why? ‘Cause the ancients loved that critter. It represented harmony, family, balance…. all those good things.

Okay, this is the stripped down Genesis Starchamber. Now we add the goodies. The Fins help support our Atlantean energy panels. Here’s what one looks like. Now look in the first picture and you’ll see the four of them.

These panels took me nearly 25 years to figure out how to make. (okay, I’m a slow learner). They are based on the famous Atlantis ring that archaeologist Howard Carter had on him when he opened Tut’s tomb. He was the only member of the team that didn’t die. This inscription/design protects big time. It radiates an intensely dense white field like psychic fog for protection. So, sitting inside a set of these at you are in a very safe place.

To this setup we place a chair in the middle with an Arkangel Osiris beneath it. In the rear 2 corners of the central board are 2 Horus Generators and in the front are the 2 Isis Generators. These gals are the guardians to the gate so to speak. The fins can now be extended out to accomodate roomspace. Directly to the rear of all this we placed the Ark of Uriel/Osiris. Directly in front is placed the Ark of Metatron.  This is the basic complete level one setup for the Genesis Starchamber. Here’s what it looked like in use in Austin, Tx:


You’ll also notice two other things. Some halo ring on the head and something in the hands.

The halo thing is a ring of our Neter 360’s in a flexible plastic tube for activating the brain centers. Second, we had everyone hold these large golden ankhs- they provide a very specific light harmonic and make the hole thing run smoooooooooth.

So far, then we now have a Chamber which integrates Hebrew, Atlantean, Lemurian, Celtic, Native American, Hindu, Zoroastrian, Muslim,ancient Greek, Hawaiian, ancient Egyptian (Khemtian) & Sirius vibrations into a sacred focal point in time and space. Now that is sweet.

What was the reaction to this? Here’s a transcript from some of the participants.


– Connects to Emerald Tablet.

The Emerald Tablet is an ancient artifact that reveals a profound spiritual technology, which has survived to this day despite centuries of effort to suppress it. Encoded within the tablet’s mysterious wording is a powerful formula that works in very specific and comprehensible steps on all levels of reality at once — the physical, the mental, and the spiritual — and shows us how to achieve personal transformation and even accelerate the evolution of our species.


  • Energy/healing curve similar to Reiki- energy builds up then drops off. Builds up to lower peak then drops off etc.
  • 1 minute sitting in basic chamber setup is equivalent to 5 Reiki sessions
  • strong feeling of energy activity in heart area and energy tingling sensations throughout the body
  • first day of setup the Genesis star chamber was in a mode of “becoming”
  • its sentience expressed thanks for being created- felt it had been lost forever
  • giant Mayan appeared during one client’s session, named Tiahuanaca, other Mayans clustered about user
  • Connected to the Black Sun
  • all clients experienced deep levels of peace at end of session
  • sense of completion
  • left and right brain switching taking place. When crossing arms left will be over right. Right will be over left. May indicate increased rapid firing between left/right brain hemispheres. This may imply easier and faster access to higher brain functions/intelligence/knowledge.
  • saw angel wings
  • sense of seeing / being in the void
  • experience of kundalini activation up spine
  • using 3,4,5 fins:everything goes on fire(kundalini) from earth to heaven and back-very familiar
  • appearance of the eye of Horus
  • in Cyclone mode- heavy rapid eye movement
  • multisessions become more difficult to describe- possibly moving beyond the structure andrealm of speech itself
  • clients who went 4 trips experienced crying- also done with crystal skull
  • a second chair can be set up in front of starchamber setup and serves as a “co-pilot” seat
  • this suggests that several people may sit around central seat for group experience.
  • interfaces with crystal skulls perfectly
  • easily projects the skull’s library so all may see it
  • different people were having the same visual journeying experiences simultaneously

We then took it to the next level and maxed out everything we could. We loaded all the Generators with vials and added a second set of fins. ( we now have also a second set of energy panels but didn’t at the time of these pictures) This is what we call the Cyclone, for it’s like riding a Cyclone rollercoaster.


Oh yeah, we did have the privilege of having a crystal skull,not ours, to add to the setup.

The skull, K’Osh is in the foreground on top of the Ark of Metatron. They were very happy.This technlogy works flawlessly with the crystal skulls.So, the folks in Austin were really buzzing with this. Healing took place and lots of traveling. One fellow called it the “body bong”. Cute.




So there you have it space cadets. The long lost Genesis Star Chamber.

The plan right now is to have workshops to provide a safe space to experience either a group session or private session in the chamber. We are planning one as we speak this Feb.7 in Austin,  TX!

A couple of afterthoughts: First we looking for a rug with a sacred design on it. I created one in Photoshop and it looks like this:



The rug is an important component to the whole array. We’ll find something.

Second, probably most important, the StarChamber is activated with drumming. This sound helps to activate the light codes built into all the components. So when we use this puppy it will be with drumming. And probably in a dimly lit room with blue light. That ought to do it.


Any other tweeks, as far as I can see, will be adding light codes on the panels.

Otherwise we’re good to go.


Now we’re having a pop quiz on this tomorrow.