The GSC (Genesis Star Chamber) continues to evolve. As we’re heading towards our next Gathering in Austin, Tx, several modifications to the GSC appeared. They’re important, from an energy standpoint so here they are:


First, there’s the addition of Hindu graphics to the main central board. These graphics represent the 15 Nityas, or phases of the moon.You can see them in the picture to the left.

The Nityas are the vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet and are identical with both time and space.

The middle image represents the Lalita which is the ultimate primoridal Shakti or the Light of Manifestation. When light assumes the form of the universe, the middle diagram  (Sri Yantra) reveals itself as a pulsating essence. From this pulsating stream of supreme light emanates the ocean of the cosmos. The 9 triangles of this form is the great mass of consciousness/bliss. This also an esoteric representation of the human body. The nityas or Eternities of Lalita represent the 15 lunar days of the waxing moon. The moon symbolizes Shakti or Light is the mirror or reflection of all of creation. Each Nitya has certain number of rays or aspects of Lalita. The smaller images about the edge of the board are the 15 Nityas. Each Nitya has 1440 breaths. The full circle of the Niyas represents the 21,600 breaths a normal human being takes in during a full day and night.


An Arkangel Osiris is placed on the central design. This reeeeeeally screams.  Here’s what it looks like:






Further adaptations have been made to the fin supports. Most noticeably is the added designs to the uprights.


As you can see there are designs now above and below the round energy channels. The designs are modifications oft he hieroglyph for the Egyptian god Aten.


Instead of the golden sun disk there is the Tibetan  Antahkarana Healing symbol. This is considered to be a Master It also contains the combined frequencies of the 7 primary colors, and the 7 notes of the musical scale; when combined they formed the 7 atomic seals that have been found all throughout the earth.


This is the traditional image of the Tibetan Antahkarana symbol: The rays emanating off the symbol on the fin are green, corresponding to healing rays and heart chakra.




There are new designs for the second set of fin bases too. These are 8 hyperspace archetypes associated to the Dolphin Intelligence. They are:




















These particular archetypes were chosen to enhance the Atlantis/Lemurian energies of the Genesis Star Chamber.


Rick Ferguson, the Arkangel Project