Like the man said: “Ya shoulda been there….” Bastrop was a blast. Great folks showed up and lots of healing, activations and consciousness acceleration took place. Rather than blah blah blah everyone here I’ll just hit what was a real “raising the bar”  moment.

The picture that is emerging, regarding what is going on,is getting quite extraordinary…  I can finally say there is definitely a pattern emerging. Not just random imagings…. In a nut shell there is the awakening and emergence of a complete crystalline skull, energy body and skeleton in many people.

The crystal skull  image appeared first followed by the crystal body (appearing as an amorphous energy shape) In Bastrop the crystal skeleton appeared and was ready to be placed in the body(makes sense….) and then the whole unit is attached to the crystal skull. Then it gets interesting.

As soon as the crystal skull is attached to the body/skeleton matrix all these energy crystals/forms pop up like those turkey thermometers in various locations of the body…. These are activation chips for that person and are then placed in the correct places in the newly formed crystalline body. After that is done the holographic images of the organs literally pop out (and inflate like one of those survival life rafts). All new virgin organs and systems. Really cool. These are then reattached and the whole body then starts literally reattaching itself on its own….

This was quite a remarkable process to behold. What does it mean? My sense is that this is the new energy body being born for the evolving energy paradigms we are currently experiencing. When these crystalline adjustments are done on the body a lot of healing takes place. Everyone is different but the format appears to be the same.

If you want to have this done and can’t wait for the next Gathering in Kerrivlle,TX or one closer to you, give me call- this can be done over the phone too.

Like the man said: “Ya shoulda been there!”…….