This is a FYI for all you who have been following the evolution of the Genesis Star Chamber. I just returned from the “shop” and can now officially say that there is yet another upgrade/update to the Starchamber. On the reverse side of the main Core Board is now this beautiful Native American Matrix. The purpose for this is to be able to use both sides of the board at different times during our Gatherings. Yes, that is Kokopeli in the center. We will be giving the first test run of this new matrix this coming weekend in Kerrvile,TX. If you’re in the area, stop on by and join the ceremony! Remember, we’re drumming so bring your drum, shaker, bowls,etc.

Due to the rise of awareness in crystal skulls and emerging crystalline energy bodies, I was lucky enough to remember how to construct a very important crystal body tool Here’s the picture:


It is approximately 12″ long(tall) and is held in one’s hand. All the large and small hemispheres rotate on the central axis. By slightly rotating the disks the crystal body adjustment is made. Right now I’m calling it the Crystal Activator.

I got the idea from the fact that the ancient Egyptians referred to the djed as the backbone of Osiris. According to Wallis Budge,” the Djed is the oldest symbol of Osiris, and symbolizes his backbone and his body in general.  He states that originally Osiris was probably represented by the Djed alone, and that he had no other form.  He regards the Djed hieroglyph as a conventional representation of a part of his spinal column and gives its meaning as “to be stable, to be permanent, abiding, established firmly, enduring.”

From my current observations with clients, the emerging crystal skulls, skeletons and body holoforms are likely representations of the first perfect being, Osiris, hence the connection to the backbone. The tool in and of itself acts as a proxy for attuning the skull,body and skeleton energies.

In addition to the Crystal Acitivator by itself, it can be assembled with our Osiris and Isis Generators. Here’s a picture of the Crystal Acitivator with the Isis Generator. It really screams.


The Crystal Activator was field tested shortly after it was constructed. My associate tripped, twisting his ankle. There was pain. I had him sit down and rotated the disks this way and that way and the pain disappeared.

Way cool.

I’m using the Crystal Activator during sessions for anyone who is interested.(Also a new feature at our Arkangel Gatherings)

Rick Ferguson,.the Arkangel Project