This project originally started out to be a compact, portable dislpay case for use at fairs. As usual it developed on its own into a rather nifty piece of energy equipment. Also, it had to be completed before the Wesak Festival, May 9th, so that it could be used in its celebration.


If you open up the Ark of Ananda you will see it contains all, and I do mean all, the Arkangel vials we have made to date. 73 in all(a duplicate Metatron etc.) This also includes all the multi-angel vials too. All 3 multi-vial energy boards ( 14-4, 8-8, 22-6) are mounted on the sides and can either be removed for use or rotated on the side for energy tuning. On the front side of the Ark is mounted(also removable) the Chrysalis.


The inside of the box contains  a very beautiful image of Ananda which is surrounded with Celtic Triskeles on the chamber walls.


To  set up the Ark of Ananda, lift the inside display tier and place it on top of the closed box.The tier is designed to rotate for easy access to all the vials.All vials are labeled so there is no confusion as who who is who.

Now this is where it gets real interesting. Since the Ark of Ananda has all the vials, thus far, of the Arkangel Project, rotaing the top dislplay enables you to create an infinite number of combintations of possible energy matrixes.. Also, every side of the Ark’s box has a rotatable board which can also be rotated to tune energy frequencies. During operation, you can place a subject’s name or hair sample in the chamber for healing.

You can work on a LOT of people with this Ark. We recommend placing water in the box to charge it to very high levels  too.


?nanda was one of many principal disciples and a devout attendant of the Buddha. Amongst the Buddha’s many disciples, ?nanda had the most retentive memory and most of the suttas in the Sutta Pitaka are attributed to his recollection of the Buddha’s teachings during the First Buddhist Council. For that, he was known as the Guardian of the Dharma.The word ‘?nanda’ means ‘bliss’ in Pali, Sanskrit as well as other Indian languages. It is a popular Buddhist and Hindu name.The Buddha sometimes asked him to substitute for him as teacher and then later stated that he himself would not have presented the teachings in any other way.Because he attended the Buddha personally and often traveled with him, ?nanda overheard and memorized many of the discourses the Buddha delivered to various audiences. Therefore, he is often called the disciple of the Buddha who “heard much”. At the First Buddhist Council, convened shortly after the Buddha died, Ananda was called upon to recite many of the discourses.


The picture inside the Ark of Ananda comes from a picture on a monastery wall in Laos. It depicts Ananda at the First Buddhist Council, which was held one year after Buddha had passed away. Ananda’s funcion at this council was to recite everyhing he ever heard Buddha say, so it could be recorded for posterity. Ananda had been remembering Buddha’s teachings for 25 years, and was also his personal assistant during this time. Buddha said that Ananda was the monk who was his powers of foremost in remembrance of teachings

The Ark of Ananda’s purpose is to remember all sacred knowledge and to store it and re-member it for everyone. The purpose of re-membering is to reattach lost connections to ancient knowledge. Since the information stored in the Ark of Ananda is just a small amount of the blue light transmission from 3.5 years ago, it will continue to evolve as the Arkangel Project continues on its journey. You might refer to the Ark of Ananda as the Ark of Bliss.

Rick Ferguson, the Arkangel Project