We just got back from Nashville, TN….WOW!  THEY  WENT CRAZY OVER THE GENESIS STAR CHAMBER! Thanks Nashville!

Okay, just to keep it sorta short. As usual, folks didn’t know what the thingy(Genesis Starchamber) was at first. Then POW! Everybody wanted a ride in the Genesis Star Chamber….

Some of the highlights included:

  • A lady who was in a lot of back pain sat in the chair and in about 2 minutes her back literally “popped” back into place! All pain disappeared. That was really cool.
  • A young girl (maybe 10-14 years old) gad a stomachache. It completely disappeared in about a minute. The next morning she looked at herself in the mirror and said “Mommy, I didn’t know I was so pretty!” (she had very low self esteem of herself….)
  • A young man had twisted his neck during sleep and could not turn his neck at all. Within 1-2 minutes in the chair the neck was completely mobile with no pain whatsoever! Whoa!

Next are some really wild aura photos taken at the show. I’ve started doing an Arkangel Blessing on individuals, blessing a new being which is rising out of some folks right now. I call them Arkangels. They appear as crystalline bodies and crystalline skulls. I place my hand on their head and “annoint” them with blue light. This energizes them and brings this sleeper being forth. The pictures were taken after their Blessing. Notice at the lower right and left sides of the pictures. There appear to be some form of large energy forms there. Some are calling them “angel wings”.

Whatever they are, they definitely leave a definite energy signature on the photo.


This individual was in the Genesis Star Chamber for over 50 minutes. You can make out some images in the left and right lower pictur  Artistic, very happy, a performer, deep insight, Joy, good mental activity, curiosity, knowledge,









The pink images are the wings….(10 minutes in chair)The wings are pink and blue in lower picturehalf.











the 2 “pink” wings are very visible in this picture. Individual was in chair for 10 minutes









This person was in chair for 10 minutes. The “pink wings” are also clearly visible in the lower parts of the picture.What was really interesting was that almost all aura pictures that were taken after 10 minutes in the chair all had similar colorations to them. The one person that was in the chair for over 50 minutes showed a dramatic shift into the yellow/gold spectrum. Don’t exactly know what this means but something definitely is going on here.