We’re back from scenic and FLAT Topeka,Kansas. Wonderful show and great people out there. The above picture is the setup for the chair at the show. Several new features include a snazzy foot/accelerator pedal(you can see a little of it poking out behind the Ark of Metatron). Here’s what it looks like close up:





It’s a handsome size piece of faux stone with 2 inlaid ankhs, which are removable for other use. It is large enough to comfortably rest your feet on while sitting in the chair. I’m pleased how these puppies came out. Looks very stone-cut….


The other feature is a new set of fin bases for the 3-4-5 triangles. If you look at the first picture you’ll see some of the bases have no red eye of horus on them. That’s them. They’ll be prettied up in a few days now….

The folks at the Kansas show weren’t quite sure what this thing was when the show opened on Saturday. They walked on by it quite a bit. Then they took the plunge, and EVERYONE wanted to play. Both attendees and vendors/readers joined in… it was great.

Trying not to be too repetitive, those large 15’Mayans reappeared and acted as the official guards for the area. The physical temperature in the area was at least 5 degrees hotter than other areas of the show. I personally walked the floor and was surprised how cold some areas were. As you approached the chair you definitely became hotter and hotter. That’s so cool.

Stringy blue light beings made their appearance. I’ve seen them before in connection with other healers. I sense they may be transdimensionals or from Sirius/Orion. Definitely were friendly.

The following excerpt is from an email from one of the attendees who purchased one of our Horus Generators at the show:

We met this past weekend at the Topeka Spirit Fair and I wanted to tell you about the great results I’m getting from water treated with the Horus Generator. My girlfriend ¬†and I both spent some time in the Genesis Star Chamber…. I’ve been having a problem for quite some time now with a burning ache in my lower back in the kidney area. Many things will relieve this pain but nothing keeps it away for very long. After twenty minutes in your Genesis Star Chamber the pain was gone for several hours; similar to having a Reiki treatment or other energy work. So, I knew that the energy in the chamber was something that could help me. Plus, the experience was marvelous.


Yesterday I started drinking some ordinary bottled water placed beside the Horus Generator for a few minutes to charge it up. Not really knowing what to expect, I just took a swig from the bottle in the morning and began getting ready for work. Well, within a few minutes I started getting a strange sensation in my lower back and within an hour about 90% of the pain had melted away! Needless to say, I was very impressed. I took another drink of the water and went on to work. By the end of the day I was feeling all sorts of strange energy shifts in my body and the back pain continued to stay away. In fact, I would say I’m about 99% pain-free just after two days…

Thanks so much for your work and for helping me to feel good again.

A grandmother brought her little baby grand daughter to the show to sit with her in the chair. The little girl was maybe a year old. You could see that she was very tense, her little hands were clutching onto invisible things. Her grandmother said she was always this tense, never relaxing. The two of them sat in the chair for about 2 minutes. Within a minute the little girl completely relaxed. Her little hand stopped clutching and relaxed. It was really a sight to behold.

Well that’s it for now. Give us a holler if you have and questions….

Rick Ferguson