Austin,TX:  Star Drum makes it debut!

Whoa. Has the energy been amped up or what? Something’s afoot… maybe some precursor to the September 9th event. Don’t know… but Whoa…….

Okay, the short and skinny of it so far…. Courtesy of the introduction of all the Hawaiian energies and information and moving to the sound of some phenomenal artists during ceremony I managed to twist my knee (ouch) into a different paradigm for awhile. I guess I better study more up on hula or martial arts, ’cause that hamstring wasn’t happy for a while. I’m sorta back on my sealegs now getting prepped for the 9-9-09 event… That’s cool.

A few days after the Splendora Gathering the Star Drum arrived.


For those of you who arrived late, here’s some background on it.

These drums are made in France through prayers by Yves Souron and Stephane Cave. In the sacred caves of the Pyrenees Mountains  prayer/meditaion is used to determine what is to be inscribed on the drum. These are  languages of light and sacred pictographic codes which are called “Starcodes”.Each drum is unique and speaks to the Soul and Spirit of one particular person.

It’s a living creation that links one’s God Presence to the higher brotherhood of Light and to the Masters coming from different Central Suns;the House of the Father being in different places.The drumhead is made with deer skin which symbolizes Christ in the Druidic tradition. Yves is the drum builder. After the drum is constructed he hands it over to Stephane Cave to do the light code inscriptions.

Stephane took  all the information I gave him to create the Light Codes.He said the drum is very special since the Light codes are linked with the creative power of the Atomic Fire. The Light codes are also linked to a lineage of Creative Masters. He keeps saying the drum is not only very special but magnificent! I literally wept when I first saw the drum, whose spiritual name is Blue Star Kachina. The sound itmakes, or its voice, is literally the sound I heard in my mind when I was told I needed another drum.

Just an FYI here: The reality/paradigm we are presently in is one of the Christ Consciousness.The paradigm we are moving into is the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The Star Drum radiates the Cosmic Christ Consciousness on all levels throughout all time…. Even striking the drum softly creates a memorable experience. Placing it over your head or a chakra is totally indescribable.

One of the first things I did with the Star Drum(maybe I’ll call him Cosmo for short?) was play it with my first drum, Starwalker. These guys have more music to make coming up!

I brought “Cosmo” along with me to Austin this past weekend. You know, Austin is weird etc. …. and the energies this past weekend were ….. weird. Somehow we decided to do a little drumming in our circle gathering before the show to get the energies going. You might way I came out of the closet on this one. Not only were people stunned at the sound but several were crying etc….. it was a totally moving and blessed experience. We repeated this Sunday morning but held the drumming outside so the Sun could enjoy it too.

As usual, the Genesis Star Chamber was set up and rockin’ and rollin at the show.’. This time it was set up with the Native American grid facing upwards. In the center, beneath the chair was our new Kiva with the a Blue Star Kachina doll on top for focus.




All I have to say is “ya shoulda been there!”