Okay, okay, okay… I’m slow… If you haven’t noticed the energies out there are getting pretty weird and the trip to Splendora was wonderful.

Rather than blah blah the usual superlatives I’ll kick in some really cool highlights. Like 2 days before the event all this Hawaiian material started coming in. Soooooooooo, it was added to the pot along with the other indigenous races. Great mix. Complimenting this was the addition of ¬†Native Americans, in particular Zuni, Navaho, Hopi and Apache…. Found out these tribes are cousins. While having a local drumming circle someone noticed I transformed during the drumming into a very long haired native americian. The hair was so long it obscured my face, according to reports. Me, I was just drumming. Upon hearing this I immediately replied that it was the Longhair Tribe. Though I never heard of them before I later found out that the “LongHair Tribe was the common ancestor to the Hopi, Zuni, Navaho and Apache. Fascinating stuff





..Wonderful time was had by all.

We introduced several new techniques at the Splendora Gathering,…. The most notable and exciting was the one we are now calling Aloha. You pair up and take turns gazing into your partner’s eyes projecting and focusing on Aloha. Unbelievable experience, done with the background music of Kealii Reichel to bless the event. Also, I shared a recent blessing with the group…. the energy of the Condor. Some attendees commented they actually felt like they were flying… Cool.


As we’re in the process of setting up our fall schedule, we’re definitely making room for another trip to wonderful Splendora, TX.

Rick Ferguson/the  Arkangel Project