Revelations, Epiphanies and the Aha!

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Blogsites are a great place to provide a place to present alternative perspectives. And I find that useful and beneficial, considering the times we live in right now.

Getting pretty intense and weird? You betcha!

So with all this “stuff” going on, and the media, government, and agencies shoving fear of this and that at you I’m seeing some rather interesting patterns emerging. Don’t know if they’re good, bad or indifferent, don’t care. They’re patterns and more than likely necessary to restore balance and harmony throughout the energy matrix we call reality.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. First there is a marked rise in awareness and appearances of  crystal skulls. I find them interesting but that’s where it ends. But they still keep popping up when we are doing ceremony and gathering. What I do find fascinating is the appearance of crystal skulls and crystal shaped energy bodies appearing during my healing sessions. They are disconnected and are needed to be reattached and brought on line…. Interesting. I’ve been given the instructions how to do this and everything works out just okey dokey…. And interesting nevertheless.

For those who are ready to receive the sacred blue light of knowledge(probably Metatron), I’ve been given instructions to transfer one pixel of this lighted knowledge to the recipient. The pixel cascades down the chakra sysetm and then ‘enlightens’ the body template with this sacred light source. My concern was that my source would run low. Nay nay…. It seems for every pixel that is gifted in ceremony/session, the void it creates is replaced by 1million new pixels of blue light information. Sweet….

There are also further activations going on with the sacred blue light. They are being transmitted through the breath and the eyes. These 2 sources are stimulating and activating the pineal centers for processing higher knowledge.

During session after the crystal skull and body are reunited and integrated, it now has become clear that many of the “sleeper” energy systems within the individual’s light body system are now ready to come “one line”.

The most curious of the lot, so far is the “annointing” with blue light energy of recipients with their Arkangel name(they choose it). If you keep this in context with what you are taught in school,church etc., it doesn’t make sense or fit. However, a new paradigm is on the horizon and CHANGE is in the air. This isn’t for everyone, but the folks I’ve run into so far are waiting for this…… so I guess it’s time to Rock and Roll!

The other curious thing that’s happening is the body is now requiring more movement. This is remedied through drumming and dance. The process is great for shutting down the left brain center and allows the full brain to emerge in a highly energized state.  I don’t know where we’re going with all this but wherever it is there will be blue light, drumming and dancing along the way!

PS:   Oh yeah, for all of you out there who are into paradigm shifts….. This weekend is going to be verrrrry interesting. We have the Wesak Festival along with a shift coming up this weekend. Let’s keep that dancing and drumming going to smooth out those ruffled feathers. Everything is going to be just fine….

PPS: One last thing, for my birthday this past Thursday(April 30) I treated myself to not one but 2 movies. The Soloist(great acting) and Knowing. Knowing received poor reviews but is worth the viewing. You gotta see this one….

Rick Ferguson, the Arkangel Project