Hey Guys and Gals! I just received some rather interesting aura photos showing a significant phenomenon in the auric energy bodies. First, on Nov.7 in Topeka,KS we installed large quartz energy crystals in the layout of the Genesis Star Chamber. One of our long term “test pilots” had aura photos taken after the session. This was repeated in Austin, TX with the same subject. This is what the setup looked like:










Now for the really cool stuff: the aura photos. Note: there are 4 pictures taken in sequence, sorta… The image taken in Midland,TX(Sept) was not taken after using the Genesis Star Chamber. This reveals a normal/background  aura photo for the subject.


What is being noticed here is a secondary “arch of light” which appears beneath the prominent arch of light over the crown center. This arch of light did not appear until AFTER the sessions in the Genesis Star Chamber with the power crystals added. From my experiences of over 25 years now the only time I have seen this arch of light over the crown is from the subject receiving Reiki therapy for approx. 15 minutes or sound therapy for 1 minute. Both create this definitive arch of light. Sounding is more definitive and brighter too. The appearance of this new light arch may be indicating the arrival or activation of a new level of consciousness/healing within self. I’ll keep you posted as to what is up….