We just returned from scenic Midland,Tx with the Genesis Star Chamber in tow. WOW! More cool insights and experiences about what it is capable of. I’m going to try to keep it very streamlined here to avoid duplication of any earlier blogs.  First, here’s what the setup looked like before the show.This is the now basic configuration:(Default layout)


  • Central Focal Point board
  • 8 Fins with Atlanean Energy Panels
  • Ark of Metatron
  • Ark of Uriel/Osiris
  • 2 Isis Generators
  • 2 Horus Generators
  • 2 Atlantis Obelisks
  • 2 Handheld Ankhs
  • 1 Halo


Here’s some pics of some of the participants in the chair

Note that every other fin is pointing outward. This was   used to “clear” or “discharge” excess energy in the                                                  chamber.


































  • We also discovered what we’re calling the “gas pedal” to the GSC. 2 Ankhs are placed on the floor. First, you sit in the chair, place halo on head, cross arms,with Ankhs, over chest and then place feet on ankhs on the floor.
  • Then it’s YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW! It is absolutely amazing the boost to the GSC you get from this. I’ll be working at a single piece to hold 2 ankhs in place instead of flopping two loose ankhs on the floor.


Without trying to repeat myself too much here’s some of the highlights from Midland:

  • The GSC (Genesis Star Chamber) appears to be growing. Not only in awareness but also consciousness.
  • More sophistication is becoming evident.
  • It appears that once something happens in the GSC it seeks to go to the next stage.
  • At one point a floor to celing (approx.12′ tall) set of ancient temple doors swung open revealing a chamber with rows of crystal skulls, artifacts and galleries of thousands of objects.
  • This was also viewed by 2 other people.
  • By mid morning, the GSC was emulating a floor to ceiling perfect crystal skull. This image may have been a communication with this crystal being race. (perhaps)
  • One individual, immediately upon sitting in the chair was in contact with their dead family members
  • A large majority of those who sat in the chair had their aura photos taken. Aside from the fact that the aura photographer gave up trying to explain what he saw(since he never saw anything like this before) many subjects had  large amounts of green about the heart center. This would indicate that the heart chakra was opening up and was activated.  Almost everyone else, without exception, had a very bright arch over the crown chakra. This I’ve only seen after either Reiki sessions or Sound Therapy sessions.
  • The most amazing image that was captured was the appearance of a 6 pointed star(star of David) in the chest area. Below are the before and after photos of this remarkable event.



STAR OF DAVID IS IN BOTTOM  (slightly left of center)