July 2009 has been very unusual in many ways. Down here in Texas it has been HOT. Yeah, I know, well that’s Texas for you… Well, it’s been hot a very long time with very little rain. We’ve been in triple digit weather most of the summer with a heat index pushing 105-110+…In other words, the heat is on!

Most of July has been inner work for us.. I’ll pass on some of the highlights.

For those of you who have been cheering on the sidelines, the next sacred drum is being finished as we speak. I even know its name: Blue Star Kachina.  According to the drummaker,  the drum already carries all the Power that they can muster.

  • The Light codes that will be inscribed  will ( The Light Codes)  allow us to to enter in a space where a being IS,
  • The drum was harmonized  with the 5 Platonic Solids and was created in its dimension and proportion following sacred symbolism. It vibrates at the level of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. This is the consciousness of the emerging paradigm.
  • The  drum also resonates with the Blue Star Kachina vibration. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”. This will be the Day of Purification. The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.
  • Soemthing in our souls tells us that change is happening on a global consciousness level. The blue frequency is part of that. Sirius is Isis – Return to the feminine of higher frequency energies – Rebirth of Consciousness. Blue links to higher/future frequencies of consciousness as we spiral up through the patterns of Sacred Geometry. Blue – electricity – our reality as an electromagnetic energy grid program. Blue: Indigo children, the blue alien lady, Isis, the Pleiades, Sirius, blue galaxies, blue chakra, blue ray and ascended master, and much more that will come ‘out of the blue’.

So, this drum should be a real WHOPPER, and very significant in the healing of people and this planet. I’ll keep you posted when we get it in.


Over the past few weeks Spirit directed me to construct a miniature Kiva to be placed beneath the chair/table when the reverse side of the central Genesis Star Chamber Board is used.When it is set up in the standard GSC setup it looks like this. Problem is, it appeared to be misisng something. It was the Kiva. An ensuing FLOOD of Native American information came in regarding the construction of the Kiva. It turned out to be a 9″ diameter, 8 sided chamber standing approximately 8″ tall.




















All sides of the Kiva are covered in beautiful Native American symbols/graphics to honor the spirit, vibration and contribution of these people. The outer surface is covered with different guardian Kachinas to protect the inner sacred space. But it didn’t stop there.

The Kiva also contains a removable holder with a large 3″ hole in the center and 4 sets of 3/4″ holes in the corners. The central hole is large enough to place a 3″ crystal sphere, crystal, water container for personal use. The 4 corner holes are large and long enough to hold double vials of the “Fab 4” Arkangels.(2x Arkangel Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael). Arrangement creates a wonderful balanced energy arrangement during use. Although I’m not into Crystal Skulls, I may seek out the Skull that may need to reside in this Kiva… I’ll see about that….

We used the Kiva for the first time in Kansas City, MO a few weeks ago and here’s what it looked like( see if you can feel the vibes off this… it’s great!


During the construction of the Kiva I received the significance of this piece. It represents a HOME, or collection point for ALL INDIGENOUS people of the Earth. This includes all those who have vanished and became extinct as well as those who are still alive today and into the future. It is for all of them for all time. It also serves as a means to anchor these energies to the Earth as we emerge into the new paradigm.And, yes, they are available for those who are interested. The Kiva includes the top, box, inside holder and 8 arkangel vials (4 pairs). It does not include the crystal sphere.

This past Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  a small group of us went down to Surfside,TX which is a suburb of Galveston Island to do some intense energy work. Not having an agenda we just went with the flow of things. We connected with Dr. Dan Mathews during his “talk” and also his Group Healing session….

Somewhere in there we did some very serious drumming.. what a blast! Befpre we left on Friday morning I had the opportunity to do some drumming while standing in the Gulf of Mexico… Whoa that was awesome!… Sadly, my drum didn’t appreciate the humidity too much and lost some of its “voice” when the drumhead loosened up. It’s much better now, but I think I have to consider getting an “extreme” weather drum made of elk, buffalo or cow to deal with the Gulf in the future.

Finally, a reall blessing happened during our drumming session. White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared (she’s also one of our Arkangels too!) while we were taking in all the energies of the indigenous tribes and approached me and addressed me as  White Buffalo. I  guess that’s my spirit name… jury’s out on that but it seems to fit. A tremendous sense of well being was felt by everyone.