Several days ago I completed an interview questionnaire. I thought I’d blog it out here as a FYI for those of you who might be interested in where I’m coming from…. The final version of this interview was edited down quite a bit, so this  is the complete unedited verison:

Q: What happened in your life that opened the door for you that got you to this kind of work? That depends on what you’d consider when”this kind of work” actually started- it’s a perspective thing.  So, if you’re referring to what I’ve been doing for the past 25 years it seems there were at least 2 significant doors that opened so to speak. The major shift into my current area of work started about 25 years ago. I was unemployed after having really crashed and burned from teaching for about 12 years. During my 1.5  years of retirement in unemployment I participated in something called the Life Training. I believe it’s still around in some form or another now…

The Life Training was similar to the old E.S.T. training but from the heart. After the training there were mastery classes to take and during that time someone asked “I don’t know if you’re into this but would you be interested in going to a group meditation and trance channeling?” I said “sure” and a door began to open…

I was neither here no there about any of this stuff. But I do remember saying,”hey, I’d like to do that!”

Lesson number one: Watch what you ask for because the universe delivers.  In about 4-6 weeks I was channeling, not the biggies, mind you… like Mary, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Ashtar etc. but Benjamin… an ex-rabbi/cowboy. Anyway, that was cool..

Then the aliens came. And I mean A LOT of aliens. They liked me… so I’d channel all sorts of them. I was like a Bell Telephone switchboard all lit up with incoming calls… It felt like a warm fuzzy energy all over my body, and very enjoyable. The problem was I was scaring the crap out of everyone. Unknown to me I was shape shifting etc.  When I returned to my “Earth body”  I was often greeted  with lots of wide-eyed people saying things like “did you see that?Did you see him change shape?” Anyway I thought that was cool too.

I’m not going to bore you with the journey here but I discovered that I easily could do just about anything . I’m not bragging here, it just turned out that way. I honestly thought everyone could see in the body, review past and future lives, travel to other worlds consciously, write and speak the language of light. It was, and still is, fun.

From these crude beginnings I started to construct various energy devices from everyday materials that worked quite well.  And, naturally, started to work local and out-of-state psychic/holistic fairs. Somewhere in here I met my wonderful wife, Emma, who also had similar interests. The two of us have been doing “the circuit for quite some time now as well as private consultations, guest speaking engagements at conferences, and holding personal growth/spiritual workshops.

The second door swung open in the fall of 2006 when a”blue light” appeared in my room (while on the phone to Colorado) and entered my head, rearranging the bones and apparently downloading an IMax size library of knowledge/science etc into it….  It all deals with using remolecularized water for raising the consciousness of mankind. It accelerates man’s potential so that he or she is fully optimized as a human being.

I started constructing small glass vials, which are called “Arkangels” and each one has their own resonant frequency/name. To date, I believe there are over 77 of them and their names are those of Angels, Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, Native Americans, Egyptians, Vedic, and so forth. It’s the name and the “blue light”  that holds the energy code for each one. Each vial, when held or placed near you, raises your consciousness. I’m really crunching this down here but that’s okay. You can check the stuff out on our website:  The curious thing here is that I also started doing a lot of wood projects with no formal background in carpentry. That’s where the Ark of Metatron, Ark of Uriel/Osiris, and Ark of Ananda have come from.

This past November I was told by Spirit to stop taking my art(also self-taught) to shows and start doing healing work. During November and December of 2008 I started the construction of the Genesis Star Chamber. It was formally introduced to the public in Austin,TX in January 2009 and has been wonderfully received. A chair or table is placed in the center of the chamber and you sit there for about 10 minutes (1 minute is equivalent to 5 Reiki sessions). Some of the remarkable things have happened to date include: in Nashville a lady’s back self adjusted back to normal and a 6 pointed star appeared over the heart center in an aura photo in Midland,TX….  again, you can check out our blogsite for more of the story…. (

Actually, looking back, I’m not so sure I wasn’t doing this earlier, but I had to derail myself in teaching so that I could start on a my true path…

Q: What did you do before you did this work?  I used to to teach high school Honors and Regular Chemistry , Physical Science and last, but not least, Driver Education. I received my Bachelors and Masters degrees from Wagner College, Staten Island, NY (yup, I’m a transplanted Yankee)… and moved out to Houston, TX in 1977. I’ve been here ever since.

Q: When did you get started and what drew to this type of work? I believe the first part of the question has been covered in my first answer, no need here to repeat myself… I’ve always been drawn to this type of work. To me, it’s natural and normal. Like drinking water to sustain life itself. When I was in Junior HIgh and High School I specifically remember two events where I altered time/events- unfortunately, there was some negative fallout from each one… so it tended to shut me down for awhile. However, while teaching in high school I naturally attracted the sci fi crowd and ended up sponsoring the local Sci Fi club…. so the draw was always there …. just untapped.

Q: What was it about that transition? Frankly,I never considered it any type of transition at all… Just a continuation of a single journey. To my way of thinking, what I had been raised to believe never really worked for me. You know, go to school, get a job, get married, go in debt, the projected American Dream. I recall crying in front of my mother, sobbing that I couldn’t be the person she had raised. Of course she did the motherly thing and suggested I go upstairs and come back when I was better…. It simply makes more sense living this way, at least for me… And that’s what is confusing to people. This works for me… not for anyone else. I guess that’s why I’ve been doing it for 25 years now.

Q: Had you always wanted to do this? Nope. Let’s get real here… who in their right mind will go to college not once, but twice, receive 2 degrees (one in Chemistry no less)  and end up working Psychic Fairs, Wholistic Conferences, Meditation Workshops, and the lot?  The average person would walk the other way. But I played that game and it didn’t work for me. But doing this work does work. Again it makes sense…. to me. It makes sense on the big and small scale of things. I did the Amway thing back in the 70’s.  Didn’t click. But it did get me to this point on my journey. What others would consider a waste of time or a failure I have embraced because it all, collectively, has led me right here and right now. I wouldn’t trade anything for those experiences. They are all valuable to me.

Q: How has this changed your life? It has enabled me to tap into and utilize who and what I am. If anything, it has helped me recognize my infinite potential. It has allowed me to be ME. By so doing, I can inspire others to connect to their infinite potential,to optimize their humanity.I have discovered and continue to discover that we are all  works in progress. This is the greatest journey of them all.

Q: What other kinds of things have you done to get you here? Along the way I’ve studied the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees of Reiki and have been attuned to each as well as Reiki Master. I’ve also studied a parallel system called Johrei. Whereas Reiki places the hands on the body for a session, Johrei doesn’t touch the body. You just raise your hand and the light travels from your hand to the recipient.

I’ve also been doing something called “clacking”. I evolved it from a technique used by the late Hanna Kroeger. Basically you place a picture of a skeleton on the table and have your subject touch it. You move a pendulum over the picture and it will swing clockwise for clear and counterclockwise if there is a blockage of energy .Where there is a blockage of energy  you use a little hammer and stick to “clack” (or tap) it out. When I do this I see moving pictures in my head. I’ve concluded I’m reviewing a blocked cell memory which never resolved/merged with higher consciousness. It’s stuck in place. This is a blast. It’s like going to the movies and is extremely accurate. Doing this is like doing a past life review, healing, reading, and balancing all in one shot…

I’ve taught myself digital art and use this medium for creating original artwork in the realms of Fantasy, Fairies, Angels, Sacred Geometry and Children.. I pulled this all together several years ago and wrote and illustrated the first of a fairy tale anthology titled: Starseed Fairy Tales- the Aye of Goode.  I’ve written several other self help books as well.

This past November 2008 I started drumming. I’m totally enjoying this part of the journey. It is so personal yet can be shared with so many at the same time. While I’m drumming I’m not sure if it’s a Lakota Sioux or some other Native American coming through but I’ve had several requests for a CD of the drumming experience.. I think I’ll practice more before I go there…

Q: What are your qualifications for the things you do?  Formally, I have degrees in 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree Reiki (Reikimaster) and Johrei. Everything else comes forth when it is needed.

Q: What are you bringing to others that enhances their spiritual life? All I can bring to the table is me. My hope is that this can inspire others to be themselves. And, in so doing, realize that they, too,  are an infinite being of Divine Light manifesting in a human form. That all things are possible and that nothing we perceive is real, just made up. That we really don’t know what we’re doing and that we are making this all up as we go along. Perhaps this is the greatest truth of them all… By owning the realization that we don’t know what we are doing empowers us that it is perfectly normal and all right to make things up as we travel along on our journey.

Q: What is it about your attitude about things and about life that you would want to pass on to other people that would help them? I’d like to pass along to people to be real. To be themselves. If you talk to me in person, hear me on a video/tape, attend a class/workshop you will hear the same ME. I don’t put on a special mask  for any of these. Even my books are like talking to me in person. This approach opens up clear channels of communication and helps people to be inspired and empowered.

Q: What is one thing that you would want people to remember either about you or just living? It’s the journey folks, not the destination that counts. Have fun with every mistake you make. It adds flavor to your journey. I started leather crafting years ago and the teacher said “you all will find your wall.  This was the mental wall you create about making a mistake. You have to move through it and embrace it.” It’s when you make the mistake that you begin to become a Master… for only Masters have made the most mistakes of all. Did you know that the famous home run king, Babe Ruth was also known as the King of Strike Outs? He swung at everything. Through this he became a master of home runs. I totally enjoy making mistakes, or dimensional misperceptions. It gives me the opportunity to figger’ things out from outside the box, one more time.

Q: When and how are you available? When I’m not on the road at a Conference or show I’m at home, either on the computer or in my workshop turning perfectly good products into lumber(an inside joke). I’m available 24/7. If you are interested in a consultation, healing, session in the Genesis Star Chamber, just contact either me or Emma to set up a time for an appointment. If you aren’t local I also do long distance work for healing and also do consultations over the telephone too.

Q: How can you be contacted? You can contact me  at: 281-498-6326. You can also email either one of us at: For more information about our energy products etc. go to our website: and our blogsite: If you just want to drop us a note and say “Howdy!” send it to Rick Ferguson, c/o One Force Productions, 15059 Caseta Dr.#2406,Houston,TX 77082