HHO SUPERWATER CONCENTRATE  Hey! Let’s talk about Water!


Superwater concentrate is an enhanced water product which can be added to your favorite drinking water to change it into a liquid to help your body transform itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is made of two components.  The first component is some ofthe purest filtered water on the planet, called Miracule Water. The second component is the vibrational essence of ORME. Together they create a truly powerful synergistic effect for transforming the body, taking you to the next levels and beyond…


Research has discovered that there did exist a secret life extension substance during ancient times. This substance still exists today and resembles a white talc powder when separated from its surroundings. At one time it was valued more than gold and diamonds but kept secret from the general population, and passed on from generation to generation by only the most powerful and wealthy families. This valuable secret substance has been hidden from the majority of mankind. for the past 2000 years. Ironically, “Mother Earth” dissipates this substance into – WATER!


This valuable substance was referred to as “Bread of The Presence of God”, Ormus, Ormes and Ormus. Today, it is most often referred to by both the scientific and spiritual communities as O.R.M.E. – (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) …. “The Elements Of Life”! Dr. Masuru Emoto, a reknown and highly acclaimed researcher from Japan, discovered that water is a liquid crystal capable of holding information. This concept issimilar to computer chips holding information. When information is departed into the water, the water is then referred to as “structured” water.” Dr. Emoto also demonstrated that we can choose whatever information we would like to put into the water! Since our bodies contain mostly water, the information in the water is very important for directing our DNA to function properly.

This means that we now may be able to explain things like healing and enlightenment, for starters. We also may now may have a means of assisting the body in transforming itself, via its own divine programming using the very water within the body itself… And all this could be done easily by just drinking structured water enriched with the added vibrational essence of ORME.

So, what is this structured water you are talking about?

The term “structured” refers to a “state of the art” quality water made with our Miracule Water Processor. The processor does some pretty cool stuff to tap water:- It erases negative information, messages and energies  remaining in the filtered water. – It then imparts into the water and the ORME within it  over 12.5 million informational “messages” and a proprietary mixture of six different forms of “Select Primary Energies.” It does not look like the water you are use to seeing and tasting.  After water has passed through the processor, the water has been restructured for optimizing the way the body functions. Our water concentrate is based on this remarkable water. In a nutshell, this water :·-is 40 times purer than the best reverse osmosis unit available -is protected against the danger of “Hungry Water” which is generated by the reverse osmosis process. has 99.9996% of biological and chemical contaminates emoved.· benefits from MgO2 added into the water which assures the proper pH level.When the proper alkalinity of the water is maintained the healthier it is to drink. (MgO2 has been shown by scientists in Australia to have the potential for prolonging life up to 4 or 5 times beyond the “normal” life span. ·benefits you physically, mentally, and spiritually when you consume water that contains concentrated amounts of “The Elements of Life”. (Known by various names as, Monatomic Elements, ORME – Orbitally- Rearranged Monatomic Elements, ORMUS, M-State, and Metal Ions)


In the late 1970s an  Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials while gold mining on his land. After much research he discovered that this strange substance relates back to ancient times when Egyptian alchemists worked in secret to produce something called the Philosopher’s Stone, or the Elixir of Life. These materials are believed to be related to the Philosopher’s Stone and have been called ORMEs, monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, ORMUS, m-state, AuM, microclusters, and manna.The word ORME — perhaps coincidentally, or perhaps not — is the same as the Hebrew word which means: the “Tree of Life”. ORME represents a huge subject area, involving state-of-the art chemistry, physics, and physiology, interpretations of Sumerian, Egyptian and other histories . In many respects, the ORME is the connecting link between all of these subjects — as well as a whole list of other subjects not mentioned.


The ORME’s Modern Possibilities The ancients from thousands of years ago knew how these precious metals affected the consciousness… what they referred to as the light body (the ka), and that both the physical body and the light body had to be fed. In so doing, we can also use the properties of the monoatomic elements to levitate, and quite possibly activate the body’s so-called “junk DNA”, along with the generally unused 90 to 95 % of the brain! The possible implications of the existence of the ORME — adding the white powder of gold (and other precious metals) OR EVEN THE VIBRATIONAL ESSENCE to one’s “diet” — is astounding. Increasing the amount of ORME in one’s body (in the correct manner) may indeed fulfill the alchemist dreams of:

  • •perfect telepathy ,
  • •levitate and/or bilocate,
  • •Know good and evil when it’s in the room with you
  • •Project one’s thoughts into someone else’s mind,
  • •Heal by laying on of hands and more…

Bringing it all together: First, the water…Okay, here’s what we got. First, the water by itself is great. It is the basis of our superwater concentrate. The water is available to the public but it takes a while to make. It requires approximately 15 gallons of regular water to make 1 gallon of Miraculewater. We then wondered if it was possible to extend regular drinking water by mixing it  with the Miraculewater? So we experimented. We added some Miraculewater to regular drinking water and discovered that it did indeed restructure it. Since it was diluted it worked just a little bit slower. But it did work as well as before… it just took a bit longer.

FInally, the Concentrate:

This situation got us to thinking. Would it be possible to prepare a concentrate of Miraculewater potentized with the vibrational essence of ORME? The answer was YES! And so Superwater Concentrate was born: Miraculewater potentized with the essence of pure ORME. Energetically this permits more direct communication with your higher self and enables the body to begin repairing itself. Spiritually it’s giving a the living essence of water a soul. When you add some of the concentrate to your regular  drinking water you have a real soul drink indeed! If you have some Superwater concentrate on hand you can dilute it as follows(these are suggested dilutions): Approximately 1 thimbleful (about 3ml) per pint , 1/2 ounce per gallon.Or whatever you are intuitively guided to use.

How do I use this stuff?

The concentrate is for making water for everyday use. Once you have prepared by following the recommended dilutions in the above section you have many possibilities. Here’s a brief list of some recommended uses:

  • •use in place of your regular drinking water
  • • mix with bath water and just soak in it
  • • if you have an injury, soak the injured body part in the water
  • •anoint your chakras(place a drop on each chakra site) before meditating
  • •replace your pet water with this water•use instead of tapwater in
  • cooking
  • •”water” your plants with it
  • •replace all or part of your car’s radiator coolant with it. It’ll
  • run better!
  • •in time you will begin to appear younger- wrinkles disappear
  • •soak some cotton
  • balls in the water and place on your eyes
  • •Just substitute your new water