Use your favorite dowsing technique or tool to do any of these fun exercises:

Dowse for an electrical outlet in a room. It doesn’t matter that you already know where all of the outlets are, you just want your pendulum (or other device) to show you, with the leading edge, where they are. Start with the closest one first, when you are standing in the middle of the room.

Do the coin toss. Establish which pendulum positions are “heads” or “tails”. Toss a coin, slap it down and cover it so you don’t see it, and dowse whether it is “heads” or “tails”. Anything over 50% is good. This is great for developing your accuracy, and it can be done just about anywhere.

Do the shell game. Take out three cups and someone hide something underneath one and then shuffle the cups. You can dowse which cup conceals the object. Another great way of developing your accuracy.

•Be a lie detector! By having your pendulum out and in motion at a party or gathering, use your pendulum as a lie detector to predetermine the truthfulness of each conversation or people in the room. You will find the pendulum agreeing or disagreeing with what is being said.   You will find it amusing, as well as a real attention getter.

•Pick a book. Use your pendulum to help you select, for example, the best book on a given subject in a bookstore or library. Start by reading the back of the book’s cover while you have your pendulum out and going in the tracking position, then ask “is this for my best and highest good?” and observe which way the pendulum swings. A weak “yes” means you should ask whether there is a better book on the subject, or whether you already have a good book on this subject at home. This technique will save you a lot of time and money.

•Choose the best product for yourself while shopping. Utilize the pendulum by holding it over a given product and see if it swings in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle, indicating whether it is positive (yes) or negative (no) for you.

•Check those Chakras! Hold the pendulum over a person’s chakras (energy centers associated with the endocrine system) to see if they are open or closed. You get the idea. Experiment. The more you work with it, the more you’ll learn.

• Divert an underground stream to a dry or poorly operating well. You’ll need L-rods and a piece of re-bar for this one. Here’s what to do:

  • Dowse the location of a stream that is shallow enough to be able to enter the well
  • Determine which way the water is flowing
  • Walk upstream with the intention of locating the best place to stop and walk away from the stream to find the exact spot to hammer the rod into the ground.
  • Stop when you get a response, turning to walk away from the stream at a 90 degree angle, on the side opposite the well location.
  • Dowse the exact location to hammer the iron rod into the ground.
  • Dowse the number of times to hit the rod with your hammer, driving it into the ground
  • Hammer the rod
  • Dowse to see if the stream has moved.
  • Check to see if you have water(this can be instan- taneous, or can take a while)
  • Remove rod from the ground.

• Find a power spot: Using L-rods Do this inside or outside

  • Holding your L-rods form your intention of the   nearest beneficial  line of energy ( a line or  beam of energy  that is beneficial to you as a human being)
  • Dowse the location and determine the direction of   the line of beneficial energy. Stop and back  up. Using only one L-rod determine the nearest line of beneficial energy that intersects  with this  line.
  • When you reach the location of the line of benefi cial energy your L-rod will swing left or right. Turn in this direction.
  • Using both L-rods follow the first line in this direc tion with the intention of locating the nearest inter section of beneficial lines of energy.  When you get a response,  you’ve  found a potential power spot.

• Dowsing your bed for beneficial energies: Using L-rods

  • Dowse slowly around your bed with the intent to locate an intersecting beneficial lines of energy.
  • Is there a pattern to the lines or are they just random?
  • Dowse slowly around your bed with the intent to locate an intersecting beneficial lines of energy.
  • Is there a pattern to the lines or are they just ran dom?
  • Where do the lines intersect? How many intersect at your bed’s center?
  • Check other beds in your home. Are the energy lines in the same places? Are there more lines or less lines around the different beds?


More Dowsing Ideas


  • One use is called  Medical Radiesthesia in which you utilize lists or charts in dowsing for     causes, cures, quantities and frequency of application. Remember, this is for educational purposes only. Never use this for diagnosis or treatment unless you are a qualified medical doctor.
  • Locate  where the chakras are in your body. Determine which way they are spinning.

Earth & House Stuff:

  • Locate oil, potable water, minerals, on a map
  • Locate noxious geopathic rays in an office building or home that may be contributing  to illness.
  • Locate a leak in a water pipe or source of electrical trouble.
  • Locate underground fire ant nests and dowse how to get them to move to another spot
  • Locate roach nests, rat nests etc. and dowse how to het them to re-locate
  • Locate any leylines, Hartman grid, Curry grid, fault lines that may be in your home or on your property.
  • Locate any ancient burial or battle sites that may be in your home or on your property.
  • Locate buried treasure

Food Stuff:

  • Detect foods that are healthy and unhealthy for you. Determine if you have allergies to the food you are eating.
  • Determine the types of plants to put in your yard and their proper placement.
  • Determine which produce are ripe or sweet.
  • Select the best thing (tool, book, plant,cosmetic, food, class, etc.) for your use.

People Stuff:Locate your kids when they are away from home.

  • Determine which professional to hire  (doctor, lawyer, roofer, etc.).
  • Determine the appropriate person to hire or date.
  • Determine whether someone is trustworthy
  • Locate the best place to live.
  • Get yourself out of a state of being lost, find  your way home.
  • Locate lost items.


And a zillion other possible applications limited only by your imagination!