Stored energy is all around you. When it moves from one place to another, it creates a phenomenon  we call energy fields.  It is these energy fields that give energy the ability to be broadcast, absorbed, or conducted. Consciousness is spirit energy.Thoughts are mental energy.Feelings are emotional energy. Whenever energy moves it creates fields of energy like magnetism,gravity, and physical mass. Communication is the exchange of energy.

Color, light, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism all represent different aspects of energy  which aseem different because each vibrates at a different rate and moves through different  types of materials. As they increase in size and number so do the number of vibrations they contain. Nature and its many creations represent a true symphony of vibrations throughout its vast diversity. Our bodies receive and transmit many different types of vibrations, perceived through our senses. Each of our senses is tuned to pick up only certain frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum.  Our seemingly solid body, under the magnification of a powerful microscope, appears tobe mostly space and clumps of very small of vibrating energy, supporting the idea that we are indeed very complex beings composed of many subtle frequencies and vibrations.

Recent studies in quantum mechanics show that it is not high powered energies which cause the most change in the body, but the lower more subtle energies which are more like the vibrations of the cells in the body.

Something else to consider is the Auric field.  It is a complicated, multi-leveled energy system with the physical body representing its lowest level. The auric field does the following: a) transmits and receives  emotional, thought, behavioral, life forming, and healing sources of energy b) processes nutrients into physical energy and c) handles subtle cosmic and nuclear energies.

The Auric Field  is made of:

  • A Spiritual Body (made of awareness, consciousness, intent & will)
  • A Mental Body (made of attitudes, beliefs ideas, abstract  & concrete  thoughts , & all recorded experiences)
  • An Emotional Body  (made of feelings, & sensation experiences)
  • An Etheric Body (made of a pattern for the structure and function of the physical body/subtle energy  circuits / meridians and chakras.
  • A Physical Body   (made of all the bodies- composed of chemicals and tissue)
  • A multi-dimensional system of energy  communication and transmission between the chakra energy  centers, which is your is part of your body’s higher intelligence.