Earlier today we met with the lady who originally connected us with Stephane Cave, the artist who paints the beautiful designs on our drums that we use at our Arkangel Gatherings. Stephane has just finished working with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in ceremonies in the Grand Canyon and in the New Mexico area this past 2 weeks  and painted several new drumheads from local drummakers. He also made some new, shall we say “disks”. There are 2 drums and one disk still available for sale.

The other disk is now in our home. (the other disk is of a different design than the one we have)


When I first held the disk Stephane appeared to me and clearly told me to take the disk home for it was made for us and the work we are doing in the Genesis Starchamber. I tried to argue with him that I really hadn’t come for anything. However, he was very persistent.

He told me that when he made it he thought it was for someone else, but later discovered that was incorrect. It was for us. When Emma held the disk and put her hands on some of the raised areas she perceived dimensional doorways. When she put her palm in the center there was a strong yet soothing energy. Then when she put the disk against her chest tears flowed and there was a deep sense of love and gratitude filling her up to overflowing.

The disk also comes with a feather which hangs from its side. I took the feather, and after getting my senses back, lightly touched several people on the crown, temple, and third eye area. Don’t ask. It was awesome.Some very dear and generous people at our little group gathering offered to purchase this disk as a gift for us in exchange for teaching classes. We are very grateful for this wonderful gift from the universe. We will be using this disk in many different ways along with Arkangel Gatherings to be sure.  I’ve tentatively started calling this disk the Disk of the Central Sun. It might change but that’s its name for now.

The Disk is approximate 18″ in diameter. If you want, download the image to your desktop and sit in front of the picture. This will give you some idea what it’s about.