What the heck is this Arkangel Project thingy?

In the fall of 2005 I had an encounter with a very intense beam of blue light which imparted to me a great deal of Celestial/Divine knowledge. From this encounter I constructed small glass vials filled with a remolecularized water which were able to hold this knowledge. Keeping a rather long story quite short, they were named Arkangels. The first 4 that were created were called Uriel, Michael,Gabriel and Raphiel. When these 4 vials are used together they create the energy of Metatron.

Where can I find more information about these vials? Go to

What’ s this consciousness rating thing? Each vial/Arkangel is rated according to the Hawkin’s Scale of Consciousness and this helps to identify the energy level for that vial.

So, how do I use these vials? All you have to do is hold them in your hand or carry them on your person.

And, what will they do for me?

Everyone is going to have their own unique experience but from what has happened so far here’s what you can expect:

• Majorly relieves stress

• Increases clarity of thought and purpose

• Increases clarity of thought and purpose

• Reduces and eliminates pain

• Repairs damage to your aura- due to environment, stress etc.

• Placing the “Fab 4” around a gallon of water will convert the water to a very high conciousnes drinking water.This water can be used for healing, bathing, cooking, pets and so forth. They have also been known to improve the taste of Pepsi Cola and red wine….The vials don’t look like much but they carry quite a wallop.

You’ve mentioned Metatron. Like, who is he? Metatron is the Arkangel of Arkangels. He is the only Arkangel who can sit in the presence of God. He commands all the Arkangels. Of all the Arkangels he is the only one (along with his twin, Sandalphon) who measures at an infinite level of consciousness.

Have you seen any benefits with the Fab 4 and Metatron? Here’s some feedback so far:

• Very high levels of clarity and inner peacefulness.

• A stronger sense of detachment from the chaos of the world

• Ability to see the truth in situations quickly

• Healers have reported shorter sessions with the same or greater results

• Improved sleep and dream states

• Lower stress levels