Arkangel Vials: How to use them

The basic Arkangel vial is a one dram glass vial. It will will contain “stuff”. It may be clear liquid, clear liquid with an inner chamber, liquid with herbs or mineral, plus the remolecularized water . I think you get the picture… a small glass vial with STUFF in it.

Oh yeah,before I go any further, there are a couple of things you have to be mindful of regarding the vials. First, the vials contain water. Water freezes. During the winter months be aware if you leave them outdoors in freezing weather. I know, it’s common sense but sometimes we overlook the obvious. Second, these are small vials, keep them away from children. As they say, they can be choking hazard.And third, don’t drop them on a hard surface. Glass breaks. Treat them with care like any other fragile item, that’s why we ship them in padded pouches.

Okay, that’s out of the way.

I suppose we’ll do this the LONG WAY first…. Don’t be fooled by the vial or it’s size. Every vial contains quite a punch. How much depends on where you are on your path. Some may tweek you some, others may bring the mountain down. So treat each on with respect. These are not crystals, magnets, etc. It is a water based technology that is evolving. When you receive your vial(s) get to know it(them) first. If you are new to doing energy work work with them one at a time. In this way you are not overloading your energy field at the beginning.

Hold a single vial in your hand for a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes or so and then set down.  This is like a first date.  The next day do this again but for a longer period of time. Do this until you can carry them on you for extended periods of time. Being around any vial will be accelerating your level of consciousness. How much? Frankly I don’t know. It depends entirely on you. Just learn to pay attention to the subtle things going on about you.

Some of the  things that have been reported include:

  • clarity of mind
  • release of “monkey on your back” stress
  • more psychic clarity
  • more heat emanating from hands (for those who do hands on healing)


Here’s answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the vials:

  • Can you carry / wear them all the time? Yes you can. Just be aware that all your energy bodies will be accelerating and some may need some time to catch up while the others want to go off to higher levels. It’s a group effort….
  • Can you carry/wear more than one at a time?Yes. Just remember, more doesn’t mean better, it’s just MORE. And in this case you will have a lot of acceleration going on. Listen to your body’s response to them and you’ll do just fine.
  • If I go to the airport will they get damaged when I go through the x-ray machine.Nope. Unlike other items, the consciousness of the vials will effect the scanner, not the reverse.
  • How do I use this in a healing situation? Ah, this is the big one. There are as many ways to use these as hairs on one’s head. But here are some guidelines for you:

  1. Have your client hold one in their hand for period of time.
  2. Place vial on area of body (while client is laying on table)
  3. If you have more than 1 vial, place them on or around the body in a grid formation
  4. Place the vials between your fingers, cap pointing toward palm  and move hand slowly over body of subject. This is great for both practitioner and subject.
  5. Meditate with one or more vials. Start out with one and build up.  There is minimum or maximum here.

  • Do I have to wait to break in the vial(s)? I’m used to working with energy. For all you veterans out there, go ahead, cannonball into the pool…. ! You’lll love it. You may find different combinations are more appropriate during different lunar and solar cycles. These vials are totally compatible with all energy therapies. You can use them with your crystals, Reiki etc. Reiki sessions, by the way, have been reduced to as much as half using these vials (with equal if not greater effects during the session).
  • Can I use the vial(s) for remote healing? Yes. Again, they can be used in conjunction with all remote healing therapies/techniques. Just place them on your person and do the technique.  You can also place the vial on a Polaroid picture of the subject for broadcasting.
  • Is it all right to have someone else hold my vial? Yes. They like being passed around.
  • The water in my vial disappeared. What happened? The jury is still out on this one. What we perceive about this phenomenon is that it has something to do with the energy of the water. We do carry a replenishing kit if you’re interested.
  • My vial disappeared! It’s not where I left it… Once in a while vials disappear. Often it’s Metatron. This is another one of those mysteries of the Universe. We’ve had vials disappear occasionally and sometimes they reappear and sometimes they don’t. My best guess here is that there is some exchange of consciousness going on and it phases out of our reality.
  • Have you used sound with the vials?. Yes. They very positively respond to toning and chanting vibrations.