ARKANGEL PSION dwells in the Galactic Core within a fragment of a lost universe. This particular Arkangel has been placed in charge of the entire new paradigm which is forming…, overseeing an entire reality. Unlike the paradigm we presently live in, which is composed of hierarchies and endless infra-structures, this new paradigm is constructed of a single matrix. It is very similar to the paradigm which existed in ancient times when mankind had access to the forces of Nature due to full mind activation.

This entire reality is a universal field of flowing free energy. It is over this uniformity that Arkangel Psion now is in charge. Nothing has every been attempted like this on such a grand scale.

Also known as the Arkangel of Sirius he has thorough knowledge of celestial mechanics, creation,time travel,healing and prophecy.

Because of his association with Sirius, Arkangel Psion is also closely allied with Horus, who also has roots in this Star System.

For This reason, Arkagel Psion is included with our new Arkangel Horus.(4 of them)

The symbol of Arkangel Psion represents the cosmic, transdimensional ankh. It is composed of the tradiional ankh and a modified form of the Greek letter psi. The original historical ankh normally symbolizes life and immortality, the universe, power and life giving air and water. The psi symbol correponds to the flow of the energy potential of water.


What this means:

  • Arkangel Psion brings into balance any and all imbalances of energies from subspace  to galactic/universe in nature.
  • Hierarchies which are in conflict are placed back in harmony.
  • Lower astral conflicts (attacks, dark forces etc.) are neutralized.
  • Imbalanced alien/extraterrestrial etc. encounters are eliminated and placed in balance  with cosmic forces.
  • Divine law is restored. Imbalances within the body which are water related are reset.


Due to the high vibrational nature of Arkangel Psion, it is recommended that you do NOT use this product if all you wish to do is provide protection from psychic attack, attract money, love etc… Use only for the highest intentions for all concerned.)