(53 TY consciousness level)

This Arkangel vial was created during the 2009 Summer Solstice. During this particular time it was revealed that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine were to be brought into harmony and balance.

The name for these vials derives itself from the Hawaiian word of Huna itself.

  • The Hawaiian word for the harmonizing of the masculine(Divine Masculine)  is HU.
  • The Hawaiian word for the Divine feminine which is universal energy( which brings light into our lives) is NA. Together they form the word HUNA, the combining of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Alternative names for these are Divine Masculine=  Metatron, Divine Feminine=  Shekinah.

Huna means “secret” or “hidden wisdom” and is the term used for the modern approach to ho’omana. This teaches people how to get in touch with their life-force energy, how to move it, and how to understand their connection with the environment and with others.

  • Ho’o means “to make
  • .” Mana is “energy.” Taken together,
  • Ho’omana means to make life-force energy.

In the Huna tradition, women carried all the mana, energy, in the lineage. The masculine side directed the energy, because energy undirected simply disperses into the universe. In addition to learning how to build up our mana, you also must learn how to direct it. This means being able to recognize and direct your feminine energy, which is more nurturing, and your masculine energy, which is more expressive and directive.

The balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine was important in the past as it is today. In the Hawaiian Islands ancient petroglyphs (rock paintings) denote the importance this had with these people.


The “Anuenue Kane” (Rainbow Man) is one of the best known among the all the Hawaiian petroglyphs. The Rainbow Man has a closed waistline denoting a male figure. The Rainbow Man has the same significance of honored status as Rainbow Woman.  Most modern interpretations see him as a warrior.  The rainbow man has a closed waistline denoting a male figure. The rainbow has the same significance of honored status.  Found at Nuuanu, Oahu, the “Rainbow Man” depicts a man with rainbow resting on his shoulders.   The symbol represents each person’s responsibility to ‘shoulder’ the task of protecting Mother Earth, the land “Ania.  “The arc of the rainbow also means the person is honorable and respected.


The “Anuenue Wahine” (Rainbow Woman) is found in several locations and many


styles The open torso suggests the womb and birth canal.  The arch over her head represents a rainbow which means she is an honored and respected woman. She is also known as the wise woman or the woman who sees all.  Even though the kapu system rigidly divided the roles of men and women, many women held active positions in the ali’i and many were highly respected kahuna.

Each Arkangel HUNA vial contains the proper harmonized balance of both Hu and Na. Placing it in your hand or carrying it on your person will teach you to balance your masculine and feminine energy. Neither one is more important than the other. They need each other to function as a whole.  You can also place the vial near a glass of water or your favorite beverage to “shift” it to the same frequency. Drinking it will transfer it further into your body.